Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pasta Problems

Hello everyone!
Well I would love to be blogging more than I am now but unfortunately our computer is on the fritz and we are being forced to use my grandfathers mini-computer and let’s just say it is not working so well, but I feel like I have so much to say I am just going to suck it up and continue blogging!

A couple months ago I decided to cook spaghetti, which is a regular in our house, so I went to the store and got all of the ingredients and when I returned I immediately began cooking. After getting my sauce started I put the water boiling for the noodles. When the water began boiling I went to pour the noodles in and they spilled out of box and before I even realized what was happening half of the box had fallen into the burner!! I started screaming and trying to get them out, but they were burning and burning FAST. Not long after that the smoke detector started going off! I didn't know what to do. James started waving a towel to make the smoke go away and I opened the patio door to try to get all of the smoke out of our apartment but nothing was working. Ten minutes later it was still going off and I was started to choke on the smoke so I walked outside and two of our neighbors were standing outside trying to figure out what was going on. Can you say EMBARRASSING?!?!?! I told them our apartment wasn’t burning down, I had just dropped noodle into the burner. I was so frazzled and apologetic but they just looked at me like I was stupid. I felt like such an idiot. It wasn't until I walked back inside that we realized we could unplug the detector to make it stop going off!!!!! All we could do was laugh at how silly we were and how stupid we must have seemed to our neighbors. Needless to say the spaghetti came out amazing and we spent the whole night laughing and joking about it. It ended up being a great night and such a learning experience. We now know to unplug the detector every time we cook just in case another incident would happen. We want to save ourselves from the embarrassment!!! By the way... our apartment smelled burnt for at least a week!!!
Hope everyone gets a good laugh reading this!!!!

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