Monday, July 30, 2012

baby rose bush

OHH about three years ago I was continually "reminding" (AKA begging) my new fiancé to get me random flowers. Now I am not talking about calling a flower shop and spending a $100 on a very small bouquet. I just wanted him to go to Target and get one of those $10 ones and surprising me with flowers! Flowers have always been something that brightens my day. I just seriously love them so much. People can say all they want that they are a waste of money but I am a firm believer in flower giving!!!!

So anyways one day I get home from school and to my surprise he had finally caught a hint and went to Albertson's and got me flowers   ... okay not exactly pretty flowers but more like a baby rose bush! It was the funniest, sweetest, cutest, most amazing thing ever. He thought this was better than flowers because it will live longer and I sure couldn't say anything because he was so happy. Sadly we lived in an apartment with hardly any sunlight and my tiny baby rose bush only lasted a couple of weeks before we had to throw it in the dumpster.

Now a days the hubby is very good with the flower giving. He even splurges and gets the flower shop kind on special occasions but my fav are still the Target ones. Since he isn't home to just surprise me on random days he has taken to saying while we are at the grocery store on the weekends "Hey... Go pick out your favorite flowers" and then gives me a little winky wink ;)

SO this weekend we went to Fresh Market for the first time (I know it seems crazy but I always thought it was this super expensive over priced place) and let me just say UUUHHHHMAZINGGGG!!! I just loved it so much! So many healthy fruits and veggies... and pretty flowers!! So hubby did his thang and walked over to the flowers and what do you know they had baby rose bushes!! I just knew I had to get one! And since the prices were so reasonable we got a small daisy bouquet and a baby rose bush!!! I was in heaven. When we got home I already had a pot to put my rose bush in (I found it at Michael's for $1.50 and knew I would use it one day) and I put my daisies in a vase and wrapped a little burlap ribbon around it to spruce them up a little!!!!

baby rose bush #1

baby rose bush #2

pretty daisies

This experience brought back so many special memories of dating and just moving in together and starting the "adult" life. I love my husband so extremely much and all of the cute little things he does to show his love.

Now lets just hope I can keep this rose bush alive!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

life lately

Sorry I have been MIA for a month, life for us has been crazy! I have been overwhelmed with the three summer classes I am taking and my hubby is still working in Shreveport. Also our weekends have been packed with fun things! 

I am really bad at remembering to take pictures but here are some pictures of what we have been up to!!! 
Gautreaux Summer Bash
 We have a new hobby... Tennis!!!

 My little brother's horse show!! How cute is he?!?!

 Our trip to the Old State Capitol, New Capitol, and the Louisiana Museum.

The first of many wreaths I will be making for our new house!!!

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