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Sunday Funday [6/7/14]

Now that it is summertime and I will have so much more free time on my hands I have vowed to document our lives more. I want Coop to be able to look back on his childhood and have lots and lots of pictures and memories. Sunday we decided to pull out his pool again and let him swim and BBQ hamburgers for us and his Mimzy and Pop. Cooper is already such a water baby and loves playing in his pool. He loves splashing in the water. Hopefully he will like the beach just as much next month!


He is seriously so dang cheesy!! I just can't get enough of his smiles!

And we can't leave little sissy out of the pictures! [18 weeks]

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cooper (9 months)

As of 5/27/14

Weight: 21.3 lbs

Sleeping: He has a 7pm bedtime that we try to keep up with because too much later and he is a fussy boy! He wakes up around 6 am every morning. We have gotten into a pretty good routine of napping somewhere around 8-9am for a little over an hour. Then an afternoon nap at around 1 for about 1.5-2 hours. 

Eating: He is completing on table food now and he is loving it! He has tried all kinds of things and loves them all. I think it is safe to say mac and cheese is his favorite though! He would eat it every day if I let him! He takes a 6 am bottle, has breakfast around 7:30, lunch around 11:45-12, a bottle around 3:30, dinner around 5:30, bottle at 6:45, and LOTS of snack in between. He loves puffs and could literally eat an entire container each day! He also loves to have yogurt as a snack.

Firsts: He stood by himself for the first time this month. He doesn't do it often or for very long right now but it seems like walking might be in our near future. He has tried lots and lots of different foods. Pancakes, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, ravioli, and others. He got his third tooth! This one is on the top and the other top tooth is not far behind. This month Cooper got his first stomach bug. It was so not fun but he took it like a trooper. He was throwing up and still smiling. He ended up giving his "bug" to daddy, mimzy, & pop. Luckily mama didn't get it! 

Liking: mama and daddy, walker, "cage", eating, bath time, playing outside, his pool, smiling at everyone that will look his way, sharing food with mama, puffs

Disliking: when mom has to get boogies out of his nose, being alone, sleeping on his back, grass, changing table

taking selfless for Daddy and little sissy even made this pic

our first try at 9 month pictures

Don't tell my Daddy but sometimes we wear bows just to keep my hair out of my eyes!!
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baby #2: 16 weeks

As of 5/24/14

Well here we are again! I can't believe I am back to doing these monthly bump updates so soon! I have been able to look back at them already to compare and even remind myself what I went through last time. It is funny how fast you forget everything (especially the bad things). This time around some things are exactly the same but most are totally different. I sometimes feel like it is my first pregnancy because of all of the new things happening. 

How far along? 16 weeks
Size of baby gautreaux? Baby Gautreaux is the size of an avocado 
Total weight gain/loss: -10 pounds! My doctor seems pretty concerned with this but I have been so much sicker this go round that it's not too much of a surprise. She says I need to start gaining weight soon!
Maternity clothes? Since I already had so much I pulled them out pretty early for the comfort but I don't really need them.
Stretch marks? The ones from Cooper were just starting to subside before I got pregnant but this time around I am using Bio Oil, so hopefully they won't grow too much more.
Sleep: It is all I want to do right now! Literally I could sleep all day and night. James is always teasing me because I can barely stay up past Cooper's 7pm bedtime! 
Best moment this week: James felt her kick! I have been feeling her since around 14 weeks and it has been killing James. He can finally feel her and it is the best. I just love seeing his face light up. 
Have you told family and friends: Yes! 
Miss Anything? OMG! I know I talked about missing a strawberry margarita last time but it is a whole new level this time!! It's so ridiculous, but so real. 
Movement: YES! Last time I didn't feel Cooper until around this time or a little later but I can feel her so much more this time. When we went for our gender ultrasound I asked the tech because I thought I was crazy, but she confirmed that I was feeling her. She said the second time around you know what it feels like so you normally feel it a lot earlier. I love feeling her all day long. It is the thing I missed most after having Coop.
Food cravings: Nothing! Literally I can barely eat anything. I sure hope this changes soon because I miss my food!  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Everything! I can't really pin point any one thing since it is pretty much 24/7.
Symptoms: Nausea and tired all of the time is pretty much the only things so far.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Have you started to show yet: Yep! She is finally starting to stick out. It is so strange how different each pregnancy is and how I was showing so much more at this point last time! When I was pregnant with Cooper I was told that with boys you have a basketball in your belly and with girls you get wider and that really is the case for me! 
Gender: Girl! 
Labor Signs: 
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On and it is actually too big right now. It slides around my finger all day long driving me crazy!
Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound June 19th!
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baby #2 is a….


Last time we did a gender reveal party with all of our family and it was amazing. It was so fun to find out with all of our friends and family but this time we had different plans. I was going to be 14 weeks on May 10th which is Hubby's birthday and was Mother's Day weekend. We were a little scared because it was still early and we wanted them to be 100% sure before they told us but knew it would be the perfect birthday present for James. 
We hadn't seen the baby since our 7 week ultrasound and had never actually heard it's heartbeat because the ultrasound was done so early they could only pick up the movement and not the sound of baby's heart. So we were excited! 
We went to the same place as last time and she is just perfect. She takes her time and lets you enjoy the experience. I sometime find when you get an ultrasound at the doctor's office they rush and don't let you soak up your baby! Because our stubborn little miss was sitting indian style, it was extremely hard for her to get a good look. She had to try forever to get her to move her legs and show us her stuff but finally she did and we were able to see she was in fact a little girl!! She showed us three different angles and even pulled up a boy at 14 weeks to show me the difference. Let's just say I was very skeptical about it being a girl. I just thought I would be a boy mama forever. 

After leaving the ultrasound we drove home in excitement to tell Cooper and Hannah. Hannah is my cousin who has been the most amazing person ever since I had Cooper. She is always there to help me or babysit and give us a break. We wanted her to be the first person we told and we even had a surprise for her!! 

Choosing Hannah as her Godmother was a no brainer for me. She is the perfect role model for my daughter. She has all of the qualities I want my daughter to strive to be in all aspects of life. Strong, independent, driven, kind, loving, beautiful on the inside and out, passionate, and of course a truly great christian woman who will continually show my daughter who God is and how much he loves her.

After telling Nanny and Coop we called all of our friends and family and let them in on our news! Then we decided to tell the social media world in one of those cute Pinterest inspired pictures with pink balloons. Well, let me just tell you it was a total FAIL! Our child is of course terrified of balloons and the wind was blowing like a hurricane.
I know it is horrible that we were taking pictures as he was freaking out but I just couldn't help myself!

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cooper (8 months old)

As of 4/27/14

Weight: 19.4 lb

Sleeping: Amazing! sleeps 7pm-6am week days and sometimes later on weekends. Takes about 3 naps per day sometimes 4.

Eating: He is now starting table food. He tried toast, crackers, and a bite of a cookie because my nanny gave it to him for Easter! This month we are starting meats and other things!

Firsts: He is pulling up now! He started doing it in bed on us a while back and the day before Easter he pulled up by himself in the packnplay for the first time! Since then he is pulling up on everything! Walking is sure to be soon (which is kind of scary)! He now says dada, baba, and mama (only a few times). Dada is his favorite and he says it all of the time! He started waving and does it all the time now too! It's so cute how he walks into a room and waves! 

Liking: mama and daddy, baby K'tan, tv, iPad, activity mat, Sophie the teething giraffe, jumperoo, high chair, bed, Aden and Anais blankets, bath time, dogs, high chair toys, walker, his "cage"

Disliking: when mom has to get boogies out of his nose, eating baby food, being alone, sleeping on his back

first boo-boo!

First Festival International

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