Thursday, December 5, 2013

cooper (3 months old)

I am pretty sure I say tho every month but holy cow, my baby is three months old! I can't believe how fast this baby is growing. He is changing daily in so many ways. 
Cooper at 3 months

Weight: He hasn't been back to the doctor yet but I am thinking at least 15 pounds maybe even 16. 
Height: Like his weight we aren't quite sure but he is definitely a long one!! we are having so much trouble with his jammies because they are all too short!! 

Sleeping: Sleep is still great! He doesn't really have a sleep schedule so it is hard to really plan anything but he is really good about sleeping anywhere especially if I have the Baby K'Tan. He sleeps normally from around 9-10pm to 5 am everyday. It is crazy the internal clock this boy has. Every single day 5:00am!! It is just so weird how he does it!!!

Eating: This boy is such a crazy eater. He will go so long between feedings. We have been feeding him on demand since he was 5 weeks old and it works well for us because he actually eats instead of playing around. Sometimes he goes 8-9 hours during the day and then sometimes he wants to eat in 4 hours. It is so unpredictable as to when he will eat but let me tell you once he decides he is hungry you better be ready! He goes from 0 to 100 in like 10 seconds! He is up to 6.5 ounces every bottle and soon we will have to add rice cereal because the formula is just not holding him up. 
Firsts: I finally decided to order a baby K'tan last month and it has changed my life! This boy loves to be worn. He would be content if I wore him all day long every day. He could be screaming and I put him in and he is instantly calmed. It is the only way we can grocery shop! He also tried out his stroller for the first time a last week and loves it! He was so mesmerized by the people. We didn't hear a peep out of him for almost an hour! He started holding things with a purpose. Before he would grab on to things but now he will hold things like his pacifier for long periods of time! Cooper had his first Thanksgiving last week. He, of course, had no clue what was going on but it gave me a great excuse to dress him up and spend time with our amazing family. Booboo got his first cold this month as well! It was only a small one but he had a runny nose and cough that sounded terrible. It broke my heart to see him like that. 

Liking: bouncer, swing, thumb, stroller, mom and dad's bed, baby K'tan, Aden and Anais blankets (he loves to cuddle them), outside, country music, tv, football to be exact. He will watch football all day long! I have no idea why or how he even knows but it is so crazy how he stops crying when you put it on and cries when you change the channel!  Lastly his Mama!! This boy loves me so much!! It seriously melts me heart! Thanksgiving morning we were laying in bed and he was in between James and I and he got a little fussy so I put him on my chest and he cooed and wrapped his arms around me!! I lost it… totally cried like a baby! 

Disliking: Lately he has been hating the car seat!! It has been a nightmare to have him in it every day! I have now mastered one arm holding his hand and one arm driving! 

new mom @ 3 months
I am doing great!! Being a mom is just the most fulfilling thing I have ever done! Everyday is a new challenge, but having his precious smile to look at makes it all worth it. I still haven't gotten back into a complete routine with our life. I am used to having a pretty clean house, clothes done, no dishes but now a days all of that is out of the window. I can barely keep my eyes open once I get home and doing any of that is out of the question, Cooper is so much more fun!! I am hoping this month I can get a little better routine going because I am starting to go crazy with all the chaos! Otherwise I am so completely happy with my life right now. I am so lucky to have my dream job and dream family!!

new dad @ 3 months
James is doing great as well. He has been working really long hours, which totally stinks because it cuts into our family time. He still makes time to help around the house and with Cooper. He will get home after working 12+ hours and still rock Cooper to sleep or feed him while I get a shower. He is just the best husband and father. 

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yep peed all over me in Walmart!

he is a thumb sucker and there is nothing I can do about it!

that lip!!!

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