Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Craziness

We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas filled with tons of love and laughter and enjoying family and friends. Christmas is our favorite time of the year and beings as this year is our first year being married it was extra special to us! As Christmas approached I found myself stressing out way too much over the silly things... presents!!! I have a big problem with being creative with my gift giving; I would so much rather a gift card and let them get what they want! So I spent a lot of time worrying about presents and if they were creative enough, until one day James looked at me and said "Baby, this time of year is not about the presents it's about spending time with family and friends. Just calm down and enjoy it!!" and I am so glad he said that because at that point I stopped stressing and really started enjoying the holiday season! 

We had an amazing Christmas this year! We celebrated with James' family a couple of weeks ago and we spent the last couple of days visiting all of my family (four different houses)!!! It can be quite chaotic and very overwhelming but to me that's Christmas and I wouldn't have it any other way!! Since we had to be at my moms on Christmas morning at 9, James woke me up and we did our own family Christmas at 6:30am!!! We didn't give each other much but it was so nice to just have such a special moment together!!! After we opened presents we took our first Christmas morning family picture and decided it will be a new family tradition!!! 

Overall Christmas this year was a success!!! 

now bring on 2012!!!!!

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