Tuesday, May 15, 2012

James' 21st Birthday Weekend!

Last Thursday was my husband's 21st birthday!!! Sadly he was in Shreveport for his actual birthday and did not come home until Friday afternoon, but that was not going to stop me from making a big deal over it. He is not the kind of person that wants the attention on himself and so it is really hard to get him to agree to anything honoring himself but luckily I got him to agree to a small dinner with a few friends and family. One of his favorite places is a Japanese restaurant called Tokyo Live, so I made reservations and we had dinner there Friday night.
My hubby LOVES cupcakes and LOVES red velvet, so I ordered cupcakes from a cupcake shop in town. Since it was his 21st birthday I went with a Jack Daniels theme (His favorite type of liquor). The cupcakes came out so freaking cute!!! He loved them!!!!
This year for birthdays we decided not to do big presents so I went to Walgreens and picked the cutest, most thoughtful card I could find and got him a bottle of Jack Daniels! It wasn't a lot but I think he really loved the card and of course he LOVED the Jack.

On Saturday we were lazy all day. We slept late then went to lunch at a new restaurant in town and went to his parents house to visit for a little while. While we were there we looked at a lot of old childhood pictures of James and laughed about how much he has changed! There were even some of me as a child! We skipped over those very fast ;)

Sunday morning James got up and made coffee and biscuits for my grandmother and I. He said I am a puppy mommy so I got special treatment too! I just love him so much!!! After laying around all morning I got up and cooked a big pot of spaghetti for James to take to Shreveport this week and then we found out he got to stay for another night!! I was so excited!!! Normally he leaves on Sunday at 4 but they decided to leave early Monday morning since it was Mother's Day. So we relaxed all afternoon then headed to Coyote Blues with my family for dinner.

Overall this weekend was busy but nice. I had a really bad week last week and having my husband home was exactly what I needed. I already miss him so much and can't wait for Friday afternoon to see him again. This weekend will be probably be just as busy but as long as we are together it will be fine!!

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