Wednesday, November 28, 2012

picking the perfect tree {2012}

Christmas is our favorite time of the year. It has specials meanings to both of us and we just love spending this time with friends and family. My entire life my family has gotten our Christmas tree from the same place and since James did not grow up with a real tree, we decided to keep my family tradition so since we have lived together we have gotten our tree there as well. It is something I will always remember and can't wait to take my children there someday. So Saturday we headed out to get our tree but little did we know it would take a very long time to pick our tree this year. From the moment we walked into our house the first time we both said we wanted a huge tree and we wanted in front of the window in our living room. It was one of the things that actually sold me on the house. Like I said before Christmas is my favorite holiday and having a perfect spot for our tree is a must in any house we live in! We spent almost two hours looking at trees and not one of them was "the one". Finally I saw some trees in the back that had just been delivered so I went and found a worker (who looked important) and he started helping us. But still we had no luck! So he decided to get the owner!!! At this point I think my face was as red as a fire truck! I was so embarrassed that it was this difficult to find our tree. He went to the back and brought out one tree. He looked at me and said "This is going to be the one. It is your tree". So they unwrapped it and I sat there for another ten minutes looking at it and finally decided it was the one!! I think James was more relieved at that point than anything. He probably would have taken anything by then. So James went to get the stand and I went to pay and then it hit me... we didn't get a picture in front of our tree!!! I think I might have made a scene because I was running out of that little building saying "Wait, Wait"!! But it was too late they had already started trimming it and getting it ready to put in the back of the truck. So I didn't get the picture I wanted :(
But at least we finally got our tree and it is beautiful! It still isn't finished but I am hoping to finish it up this weekend!

Here it is!!! So big and pretty!!!
OHHHH and just thought you should know....I HAVE ONE LESSON PLAN LEFT!!! I am so excited to be finished with this semester and move onto student teaching. Most of all I am ready for my husband to come home from this stupid long distance job and to enjoy our favorite holiday together!!!!
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