Tuesday, January 7, 2014

cooper (4 months old)

*** This post is approximately 2 weeks late!!***
But who is counting .. right?!

Another month has come and gone and I can't believe it! Our little man is growing like a weed and learning new things every day. We have had a very eventful month that included 3 different illnesses, the holidays, and a two week break for mommy and Cooper to spend together.
4 months as of 12/27/13

Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz. We were actually really shocked by this! We both thought he weighed more! It sure feels like he does! ;) 
Height: 27 in.  

Sleeping: I thank God every single day for this boy's sleeping habits. I keep saying our next child will never sleep since we have been so blessed with a boy that could sleep all day and night long! He goes to bed at 7:30 (ish) every night and wakes up around 5-5:30 every morning. He takes 3-4 naps during the day depending on who he is with. At the sitters he sleeps for 3 hours straight so he only takes 2 naps but with me he doesn't get to sleep as long (this mama has errands to run and can't sit at home all day for this little stinker to sleep the day away) so he takes 3-4 shorter naps

Eating: He started rice cereal in his bottles about 3 weeks ago. He was up to 7 oz of formula and it just wasn't holding him up and he was also spitting up a lot so we started putting it in his bottles and he is doing so much better! He also started eating cereal with a spoon Christmas day! The first two days we tried he literally cried the entire time. It was a total fail and we thought we might have to stop and wait a few weeks but by the third day he was a pro (okay not even close to a pro but not screaming the entire time). He loves the spoon but isn't really sure what to do once it is in his mouth!

Firsts: Eating rice cereal with a spoon, first Christmas, first trip to Baton Rouge, first time getting sick (he got a little cold but didn't get the stomach virus or strep throat that I had, so weird but I am so thankful he didn't the really bad ones),  

Liking: mama and daddy, swing, bouncer, baby K'tan, activity mat, Sophie the teething giraffe, jumperoo, high chair, bed, Aden and Anais blankets, bath time, and he is finally starting to like the dogs! Since he was born he pretty much ignored them but lately he pets them and watches them as they walk around or play.

Disliking: still not a big fan of the car seat but it is much better than before! I can finally drive with two hands again! He is not a fan of the exercauser, we tried multiple times but he would be fine for about five minutes and then cry. We just got a jumperoo and he is loving it. I think it is easier for him to move around and jump. 

new mom @ 4 months
I am not the kind of person who has ever really cared about weight. I have never dieted, it is something I have just never really had to worry about. I have never been that skinny but in my opinion I am just normal. Well while I was pregnant I got really worried about my post-baby body. I was scared I would not be able to lose the baby weight. Luckily I had an 8 lb 11 oz baby and only gained 26 lbs during my pregnancy so I lost the baby weight within the first 4 weeks. After that I started thinking about what I weighed in high school (10 pounds less than my pre-baby weight) and decided I wanted to weigh that again. I still haven't really dieted, I just started eating smaller portions and I am now 2 pounds away from my high school weight. I really never thought it would mean that much, but it does.It feels great to start to feel a little better about my body. I know it will never be the same (thanks to even wider hips and stretch marks) but it is a start. Now I just need to do a little toning before summer!! 

new dad @ 4 months
For a while Cooper only wanted me. If he was uncontrollably screaming I was the only thing to calm him down but this last month he has been growing fonder of James. He has been wanting his Daddy all the time and it is making James so happy. When James gets home at night Cooper gets so excited and wants to sit with James and watch tv. The funniest thing is watching James feed Cooper with the spoon. James has very little experience with babies so feeding a baby was a foreign concept for James. All I can do is laugh watching those two as James tries to get the spoon in his mouth and not get cereal all over the baby and himself!

And as always an iPhone photo dump:

This is how his hair is falling out! He has actually lost more on the sides since!

first time eating with a spoon

This is how I grade papers… putting football on the iPad!

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