Thursday, March 15, 2012

saturday love

Saturday was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! I got to spend the entire day with my hubby. {Something that does not happen very often}. Our lives have been absolutely crazy lately with moving, work, school, and just life in general so when we found out we had nothing to do for the day we knew we had to make it extra special.

To start our perfect day off we slept late {well is 9:00 am late??}. Sleeping late is something of the past in this house. We always seem to have something that requires us to be up at the crack of dawn. And let me just say sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. 

After finally getting ourselves dressed and ready we headed out for a fun filled day of being in love. We went to Barnes and Noble to get a book I needed for class and just walked around and looked at books. I have always loved reading and James has found a new love for it too. We had lunch at Izzo's Illegal Burrito {James' Fav} and stopped and bought Girl Scout cookies from a girl in a cookie costume on the side of the road. After that we headed to the zoo. Apparently my husband has never been to our local zoo and as a child it was one of my favorite places to go so we went there. It wasn't exactly what I remembered but it was still so nice to just be together  {even though we were the only ones there without kids!}.

 The best part was that we both got to see our favorite animals! Mine is the giraffe and James loves the wolf. 

We ended our amazing day off with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Longhorn Steakhouse. We had to wait an hour to get seated but neither of us seemed to even notice, we were just relaxing an enjoying each others company.

We ordered a ribeye and lobster and it was delicious!!!!!! And we even ordered desert to-go so we could come home and eat it and watch a movie.
Days like that just make me realize how awesome my husband is. Our lives are so crazy right now so the days we do get to spend being together are just extra special!



  1. aw so sweet! dessert to go is one of our fav things to do! :) so cute that james still loves wolves, haha. y'all are so adorable!

    1. oh yes he still loves them. it was the last animal we saw and he was so excited!!!


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