Sunday, March 25, 2012

sleep vs. study

Instead of studying for a test I have tomorrow I am writing this!!! School has taken over my life and I have about reached my limit! I can't seem to make myself study anymore!!! So anyways I guess I will just tell you about our weekend...

Well first off during the week I made a rash decision to change my hair color!!! I have been thinking about going blonde but when i went I decided to just do it and lets just say that was a HUGE mistake!!! 10 hours of being in the salon and probably six dyes later... I hate blonde hair!!!! My red hair gave her a lot of trouble and it took forever to get it out and really damaged my hair!! I really wish I would have taken pictures every time because it was horrific!! For now I am a blonde and it isn't totally horrible but I doubt it will last, but hey live and learn right ?!?!

Friday night I worked!!!! For anyone who knows how my life has been lately knows I haven't worked much this semester!! So it was actually kind of a treat to work and make my own money Friday.

Saturday we had another lazy day. We slept in, went to Old Navy and Target, went to lunch, and came home and did homework all evening!!! I know it must sound boring but we love it!!!

And today we woke up and had coffee and we found another guilty pleasure!!! It's a show called GCB and it is totally inappropriate but we both actually laughed our buts off!!! After watching the first three episodes of that, I had to start getting ready. I am taking a theater class this semester and we are required to attend a play put on by the university. It was so long and boring and I was counting the minutes until I cold leave. The only good part was that I went with two friends and we got to keep each other entertained during the show! While I was at the play my hubby was packing to leave. =( They left today at 4 pm for another long week in Shreveport. When I got home I started "trying" to study but it is not going too well!! This week I have two tests, two lessons, two tutoring sessions, and a assignment in theater due!!! I am completely overwhelmed but I know I can get through it!! OH and I am hosting a couples shower Saturday for some friends!!!! (Yeah I know... I am CRAZY!!!!)

So I would have to say this was an eventful weekend and I am so ready for this up coming week to be over!!!!

2 weeks until spring break!!!!!! WOHOOOO!!!!

I think this is such a cute picture of us!!!!

I guess I should go study now.... OR go to sleep!!!!!

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