Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

Our Easter weekend was really nice. We spent a lot of time with family and traveling of course. Saturday we went to my grandfathers for our family crawfish boil with my moms family. They were delicious and it was nice to spend time with everyone. On Sunday we woke up early and headed to Zachary for lunch with James' family. We always love getting to visit with his family since we don't see them very often. His grandparents are always so sweet and they always have funny stories to tell. After we left there we headed back to Lafayette to go to dinner at my moms house. We sat outside enjoying the weather and rocking in these huge rocking chairs they have. The one thing I miss about living at home is sitting outside and enjoying the weather. So after leaving there we finally got to head home and spend a few hours together before James left for Shreveport this morning. We watched We Bought a Zoo and it was totally cute!!! Unfortunately 5am came really fast and the Hubby headed off to work again =(

So that leads us to today.. Spring Break Day One! I spent the entire day reading The Hunger Games!!! I have been waiting to read it because everyone told me it was totally addicting and let me just say... they were right! It was so good and I couldn't put it down. After reading all day I finished it and now I can't wait to watch the movie! This weekend can't come fast enough so the hubs and I can go see it!!!!

Tomorrow is day two and i plan to go shopping and have girl time!!! This spring break is so nice and relaxing it would just be so much nicer if my husband was home to enjoy it with me.

Hope your Easter was just as nice as mine!!!

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