Sunday, August 5, 2012

moving announcements

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned it but I have the BEST best friend ever!!! She is so amazing, crafty, thoughtful, did I say amazing already?!?! So when James and I first started our house buying adventure I saw a few really cute moving announcement ideas on Pinterest but I thought well thats too pricy and Ashlyn could totally do a better job. So long story short I told her and of course being the best person ever she designed one for us!!! I am so in love with them!!!! How freaking cute?!?!?!!?

Last week I got them printed and Ashlyn came over with her super cool Calligraphy pens and we addressed them and I got them sent out yesterday!! I am so grateful to have such an amazing friend that is so helpful and crafty that does these kinds of things for me just because she loves me!!! Like I said before she is THE BEST BFF EVER!!!! 

{Ashlyn is a college student that just does this on the side for fun but she would love your business!!! She doesn't have a website yet but if you are interested send her an email at}


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