Tuesday, November 13, 2012

family lunch

This past weekend was very eventful for us!!! Friday night I attended a bachelorette party (post coming later this week) and then Saturday we cooked lunch for James' family.

So when I got home at 2am Friday night/Saturday morning we  okay James (I might or might not have been highly intoxicated sshhh) put the meat cooking in the crock pot so that it could cook all night long and be ready for lunch. James' sister, brother-in-law and and sweet little nephew were coming from Zachary (about 1.5 hours away) and we expected them to be here around 11:30 so we woke up early and tried to make sure everything was cooking and clean for when they got here. When they got here we decided to hurry up and take a few pictures for our Christmas cards. You see my SIL just got a fancy new camera for an amazing deal (which I am totally jealous about) and we asked her to take a nice updated pic for the Christmas cards we WILL get out this year ;)

After that my in-laws arrived and we had such a good time visiting with everyone and loving on Judah!! He is growing way to freaking fast and I hate not living close together. I grew up with my family living 5 minutes away and never really understood what it was like to live in different cities. It has really hit James and I hard since Judah has been born because we are watching him grow up on a computer screen and not in person. But that is life and I we have learned to cherish the time we do have together. He is such a happy smiling baby!! While my mother-in-law was holding him I walked up and he held his arms out to me and my heart melted!!!! I was so happy he wanted me to hold him and didn't think I was a total stranger. I seriously wanted to cry. I can't even imagine what it will be like when I have one of my own.
The only picture I got. But seriously how hot does my hubby look with a baby ;)
Sadly their visit went by way too quick and Judah was ready for a nap so they headed home around 2. We had so much fun hosting our first family dinner lunch in OUR own house (I still can't believe we are homeowners) and are so glad they got to come over. They also brought a sweet house warming present that we used the next day to make a yummy dinner!!! I just love having people over so much and can't wait to have Christmas at our house too!!!
Our awesome housewarming present!!!!
Here are a few of the pictures we took that day!!! Once again a huge shout out to my sister-in-law for snapping them for us!!! They are great and will make a perfect Christmas card!!!!
how cute are these two!! She is a daddy's girl for sure!!! ;)

Our favorite!!!! 

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