Monday, November 19, 2012

our not so little visitor

Friday morning when I left I saw this dog at the beginning of the neighborhood and thought "hmmm I wonder who he is for" but soon forgot about him and went about my day. Friday night I had dinner with friends and got home to that same dog at my door. He was cold and pushing his way inside my house and my heart melted. Being a puppy lover, it is so hard to push a dog out. I just couldn't so I thought "Ok I will put him in the back yard and give him some food and water." Well he had other plans. As soon as I closed the back door her started howling!!!! Did I mention he is a beagle mix??? And did I mention that is the one breed I just don't seem to like. They are so big, pushy, and their sense of smell is way too good for my liking. Of course that would be the dog that showed up at my house. So I thought for a second and in a moment of weakness I let his booty in my house! I just got this feeling from him that he was a sweetheart and was a house dog. He spent the next two days sleeping. Saturday when I got up I went to the store by my house and put up a sign saying we found a dog. I asked a worker and they said a few days before someone had come in and asked if they had heard anyone say they found a dog but did not leave a name or number. I then spent the day thinking about a little kid sitting at home crying because their dog was missing.
Fast forward to today. He was a lot more awake and making himself at home and I was just not liking having a third pup in the house. He is a great dog and the sweetest thing but it just wasn't going to work. I started to really worry that we would never find his owners but around 7:45 a man called and said he saw my sign and it was his dog. They immediately came get him and I was so relieved. The weird part was they were kind of rude and didn't even say thank you. If it was my dog I would be so grateful but it honestly kind of seemed like they did not care which made me sad because I started to think that he could have had a bad life with them or something. I have to not think that way though! So I am glad to find his owners and I hope he is happy to be home.

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