Saturday, December 29, 2012

christmas {2012}

Christmas for me has always consisted of going from one house to another visiting all of my family. I can't remember one single Christmas where I stayed home and did not go anywhere. It is the only thing I know and it is Christmas. When I married James it only got worst. We had to add more places to go and try to figure how to make it work to see everyone, but we love it.
To give you an idea this was our schedule...
Saturday 12/22- Gautreaux/Gilbert Christmas
Sunday 12/23- Foret Christmas at Aunt Ruth's
Monday 12/24 (12:00)- Christmas with my mom
Monday 12/24 (5:00)- Paw-Paw's Christmas
Tuesday 12/25 (11:00)- Hemphill Christmas in Baton Rouge
Tuesday 12/25 (3:00)- Lagneaux Christmas
Tuesday 12/25 (6:00)- Maw-Maw's Christmas
Crazy right?!?!!? It was definitely hard and tiring but so worth it and so nice to see everyone and spend time together.

So here is a bunch of pictures I took at some of the events we went to. I forgot to bring the camera to a few houses so there are some gaps in our weekend!!!

 Okay so we have this tradition in our family that after we open presents we put all of the wrapping paper in the middle of my grandmothers living room and the kids go nuts jumping, throwing, dancing, and just having fun with each other. It is seriously the cutest thing ever and the kids have more fun with it than the presents themselves!!

Lastly we would like to introduce the newest member of our family... Ella Jane Gautreaux! James rescued her from a job site and we have totally fallen in love with her. She is the sweetest little kitten ever. 
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