Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentines day {2013}

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Today has been such a great day in so many ways. We try to show our love for each other every single day and not just one day a year but we always love Valentines and showing our love in an extra special way. I do have to admit though I almost forgot! When James woke me up this morning and said "Happy Valentine's Day" I almost screamed! Luckily I have been knowing what I wanted to do for him for months and just had to get the beer itself!
My day was very interesting and the kids seemed to eat a whole box of chocolate before coming to school so they were so dang hyper! It made for a very long day but knowing I was coming home to my love cooking dinner made it so much better! Hubby got home with flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, a box of chocolates, a Sonic coke (which I haven't had in three months), and the cutest card ever. I am so spoiled I know! He also cooked dinner (almost) all by himself. We had grilled steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and french bread!!! It was all so yummy and I give all of that food the credit for the actual bump in the picture! It sure wasn't there that much before.
Now I am off to cuddle on the couch and enjoy my yummy treats with the hubby!!!
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  1. so sweet! and yes i always "showed" muuuuch more at nighttime after i ate. it was so weird how i didn't look pregnant in the morning, but around 9pm, i looked 20 wks. looking good momma!


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