Tuesday, April 16, 2013

one of those moments you will never forget

Little man at his 20 week ultra sound

Expecting a child has taught me that you will have a lot of "firsts" and moments you will never forget. Last night was one of those moments. We had our small group bible study as usual on Monday nights and as I was sitting there listening to someone talk my hand moved on my belly. I knew immediately that he had finally kicked hard enough for it to be felt from the outside. I grabbed James' hand as fast as possible and rested it on my belly. We waited for about 2 minutes and then POP! James' face lit up and I knew he had finally felt our baby for the first time. He was so blown away and smiling and laughing and every other happy emotion out there. It was seriously one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. He refused to take his hand off of my belly and I think our little guy loved it. He kicked the rest of the time. We were surrounded by truly amazing people that were sincerely happy for us and that felt great. In the last few weeks I have been thinking about that moment and praying it would be special for my husband and it was everything I prayed for and more. To see his face filled me with so much joy and happiness. He is such an awesome husband and I know he will be an even more amazing father. My children will be the luckiest kids in the world to call him their dad. 
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