Friday, July 26, 2013

and his name is......

Lately I have been a total slacker when it comes to the blog. It seems like this pregnancy is flying by and it kind of makes me sad that I didn't document more of those special moments on here. So today I am sharing his name and our reasons for choosing it.

We have chosen the name Cooper James Gautreaux. We have always been the couple to talk about baby names and have had our children's names picked out for like 5 years! I remember being in high school and telling James a girl name I liked and he loved it and it is still our number one girl name! Boy names were a little harder to agree on. I have always loved Cooper but it took a little convincing for the hubby. He had a teacher named Cooper and at first that's all he could think about but eventually he came to me and said "I love it, that will be ours son's name"

Picking a middle name was a no brainer. James was named after his grandfather and has always looked up to his grandfather and the man he was, so he wanted to keep the name going. Cooper will be the fourth generation to have the name James. We picked his name before we even knew what he was and told our families and now looking back we are so glad we did. Papa might not have been able to meet Cooper but he knew that his name would passed down to another generation. The day after we told Papa our son's name he texted James the absolute sweetest message ever and how much it meant to him that we chose to use his name. It meant so much to James because it was something we just knew from the beginning we wanted and didn't realize how much it would mean to Papa. Now that we have lost Papa it is even sweeter that our son will have his name.

Picking our a name for our son was so important to us. We wanted a strong name that he could be proud of when he was older and a name that had meaning. James and I were both named after our grandparents and it is something that means so much to us. They are huge influences on our lives and we want our children to have that same experience.
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