Monday, October 28, 2013

cooper (2 months old)

Wow how time is flying now a days. I feel like Cooper is changing every single day! This month he has started smiling, rolling over, sleeping all night, taking naps in his crib, blowing bubbles, and watching tv. This boy has stolen our hearts more than we could have ever imagined. He has the sweetest personality already. He smiles and flirts with everyone and cuddles into our chests when he is sleepy. He is just the best thing ever!! 
Cooper at 2 months

Weight: 13 pounds 13 ounces!! Our little chunky monkey!!
Height: 25 inches long

Sleeping: This dude loves his sleep!! He has been sleeping all night since he was 5 weeks old!!! Thank you Baby Jesus!! I am not sure how I would be able to work full time if he was up all night!! He is still in bed with us which is probably why he sleeps all night. I think he would probably be just fine in his bed but it is mommy with the problem!! I just can't let it go. I absolutely love sleeping with him. We sleep chest to chest with my arms wrapped around him and it is the best!! Being gone from him all day makes it even harder for me to make him go in his own bed because I just want to cuddle him!! He also loves sleeping on his belly. We tried his back for a while and soon realized that he hated it. I am learning that just because the "experts" say to do something I should not always listen. I am now a firm believer in what works for baby and not what the "experts" say. 

Eating: Still a very sour subject in our house. At 6 weeks old I stopped nursing completely. It was just not working for us. Once I got the job I decided to do night feeding but because he had a bottle all day long he just wasn't having it. He would literally scream for 30 minutes, latch on and eat for 5 and then start screaming again. It just wasn't worth it for either of us. He wasn't getting what he needed from 5 minutes a day and I was getting emotionally drained from it. So as a family we made the decision to stop. I sometimes feel like a failure because so many women do it for so much longer and it doesn't help that some people are just not supportive. I find some of the pro-breastfeeding mamas are very judgmental and it has to be all or nothing. I am learning to honestly say "Screw you" to them and not let it bother me. My baby will be just fine and that is all that matters. 
He is now on formula full time. He eats about every 5 hours!! At about 5 weeks we started feeding him on demand. We knew he wasn't really hungry every 3 hours and would hardly ever finish a bottle. The first time we tried it he went 4.5 hours! Eventually he put himself on a schedule and is eating about every 5 hours during the day and then at night he eats at about 8:00-9:00 and then at 5:30am. At 7 weeks we moved him up to 5 ounces and he is happy as could be with that. He still struggles with some gas issues but nothing like it was at the beginning. Last week we switched him from the Enfamil Newborn to the Enfamil Infant formula since he will soon be too old for the newborn! It was a bit of an adjustment with his gas issues so he had some belly aches while getting used to the new one but he is adjusting quickly! Thank God because I hate seeing my little man in pain. 

Liking: He is still a big ol cuddle bug!! This fella just loves being held (especially by his mama). He also still loves his swing. But we made the mistake of playing the music one day and now he loves it and wants it playing all of the time!! He loves smiling and cooing. He is so silly and is constantly making crazy faces at us. He is beginning to like his play mat and hitting all of his toys that are hanging. He LOVES being outside. The first time we took him to my moms and went to the barn he was in heaven. He was so amazed at all the things to see. He is definitely going to be a little country boy! Still loving the car and carseat. He also likes country music (mommy and daddy are so happy about this)!! He is getting better with bath time and diaper changes but I don't know if he "likes" it yet, he just doesn't scream anymore ;)

Disliking: Still hates changing his clothes but otherwise  he is a very content baby. 

new mom @ 2 months
I didn't understand what people meant when they said it just keeps getting better, but I totally understand now. Seeing this little boy grow and develop is amazing. The first time he smiled at me I cried! It is just so sweet to see your baby doing new things. He is slightly obsessed with his mama (I am not complaining one bit ;) ) and if I walk into the room he lights up which just melts my heart into a million pieces. The first time I got to the sitter's house and he was eating and he stopped and looked at me and smiled was so dang precious!! It is so fulfilling as a mother to have your child favor you and to make them so happy. I was so scared that going back to work would make him get more attached to the sitter but he still loves his mama best!! 

new dad @ 2 months
James is still doing such an amazing job at being a dad. He is loving the fact that Cooper is growing and changing so much! It is so sweet to see him get so excited when Coop does something for the first time. The first time he smiled was at James and it was the sweetest moment ever!! He is so helpful around the house and with baby now that I am working. He never complains about helping with laundry, dinner, diapers, feedings. He just does it and I am so grateful for him. 

Pictures from the past month:

brunch at Mimzy & Pop's with cousin Judah

Coop and Daddy like to sleep late!!

that grin is so dang cute!!!

I can make bubbles now!!
 Watch me roll over....
I think I can, I think I can


Yay I diid it!!!

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  1. He is starting to favor Judah sooo much! (Maybe it's cause Judah favors his JJ so much, haha!) I love reading this updates. And brush those haters off! Nothing is all or nothing--it's all about what works for you and your baby. I felt like a failure too when I couldn't sustain exclusively breastfeeding, but you see that he will thrive anyway and that takes a lot of the pressure off. Cooper got more than most babies too and you should be so proud!! Y'all are doing a wonderful job. :)


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