Monday, October 21, 2013

pumpkin patchin 2013

For the past three years James and I have visited a local pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. We always love going there and walking around the many pallets of pumpkins and choosing the "perfect" ones. We used to also walk around watching all of families thinking about one day having one of our own to bring. This year we were able to bring our little man with us. Before I had Cooper we decided that whether he would remember things or not we would do them. We want to enjoy every moment with him and include him in the many family traditions we have already started in our first two years of marriage. I am sure we looked crazy among the many toddlers and young children walking around with a 6 week old! Cooper wasn't exactly feeling the patch though! He had kind of a fussy morning but we decided to take our chances and go anyway so he didn't exactly give us cute smiling pictures but hey we had fun and he was cute anyway!! 

I am pretty much obsessed with buying my boys matching outfits!! I love how cute they look together. So of course they needed coordinating shirts for Coop's first pumpkin patch visit!

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  1. Add the second to last pic to my stack!! His expression is priceless, hahah! Don't feel silly though--Joel and I bring Judah to everything! I think they remember quicker than you would think. ;) Great seeing y'all this weekend! I may just OD on walborne next time I know I'm going to see Cooper just so I can cuddle.


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