Monday, June 9, 2014

cooper (8 months old)

As of 4/27/14

Weight: 19.4 lb

Sleeping: Amazing! sleeps 7pm-6am week days and sometimes later on weekends. Takes about 3 naps per day sometimes 4.

Eating: He is now starting table food. He tried toast, crackers, and a bite of a cookie because my nanny gave it to him for Easter! This month we are starting meats and other things!

Firsts: He is pulling up now! He started doing it in bed on us a while back and the day before Easter he pulled up by himself in the packnplay for the first time! Since then he is pulling up on everything! Walking is sure to be soon (which is kind of scary)! He now says dada, baba, and mama (only a few times). Dada is his favorite and he says it all of the time! He started waving and does it all the time now too! It's so cute how he walks into a room and waves! 

Liking: mama and daddy, baby K'tan, tv, iPad, activity mat, Sophie the teething giraffe, jumperoo, high chair, bed, Aden and Anais blankets, bath time, dogs, high chair toys, walker, his "cage"

Disliking: when mom has to get boogies out of his nose, eating baby food, being alone, sleeping on his back

first boo-boo!

First Festival International

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