Monday, June 9, 2014

cooper (9 months)

As of 5/27/14

Weight: 21.3 lbs

Sleeping: He has a 7pm bedtime that we try to keep up with because too much later and he is a fussy boy! He wakes up around 6 am every morning. We have gotten into a pretty good routine of napping somewhere around 8-9am for a little over an hour. Then an afternoon nap at around 1 for about 1.5-2 hours. 

Eating: He is completing on table food now and he is loving it! He has tried all kinds of things and loves them all. I think it is safe to say mac and cheese is his favorite though! He would eat it every day if I let him! He takes a 6 am bottle, has breakfast around 7:30, lunch around 11:45-12, a bottle around 3:30, dinner around 5:30, bottle at 6:45, and LOTS of snack in between. He loves puffs and could literally eat an entire container each day! He also loves to have yogurt as a snack.

Firsts: He stood by himself for the first time this month. He doesn't do it often or for very long right now but it seems like walking might be in our near future. He has tried lots and lots of different foods. Pancakes, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, ravioli, and others. He got his third tooth! This one is on the top and the other top tooth is not far behind. This month Cooper got his first stomach bug. It was so not fun but he took it like a trooper. He was throwing up and still smiling. He ended up giving his "bug" to daddy, mimzy, & pop. Luckily mama didn't get it! 

Liking: mama and daddy, walker, "cage", eating, bath time, playing outside, his pool, smiling at everyone that will look his way, sharing food with mama, puffs

Disliking: when mom has to get boogies out of his nose, being alone, sleeping on his back, grass, changing table

taking selfless for Daddy and little sissy even made this pic

our first try at 9 month pictures

Don't tell my Daddy but sometimes we wear bows just to keep my hair out of my eyes!!
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