Monday, October 15, 2012

our first LSU game

This weekend we were able to attend our first LSU game!!! Neither one of us had ever been to a game and both have been talking about it for years. A few weeks ago one of my friends had extra tickets and offered them to us. I was so shocked, I mean these things aren't cheap and she was giving them to me! But anyways we of course said HECK YES!! The game was a late game so we were able to leave around lunch time and head to Baton Rouge. It was my friend, Lauren's, fiancé's work tailgate so we weren't sure what to expect but let me just tell you! I have never been to tailgating like this before. It was in the "faculty center" on campus and it was amazing. This was open bar, catered, air conditioned
kind of tailgating. But look I wasn't complaining. I always love the tent outside, beer bong, big pot of jambalaya kind of tailgating but this was so nice!!! We got there and decided to go walk around for a little while. I have never really walked around the campus before, so I was having so much fun seeing how big and beautiful it is. I got to see the Phi Mu house (always my favorite thing to do on a new campus). After walking around for a while we headed to the faculty center and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in air conditioning!! The game was at 7pm but of course we got a little side tracked and left too late to see kick off but walking into that stadium was a memory i will never forget. It was breathtaking to see so many people and hear the noise. We sadly did not get to stay the whole game(Lauren is 8.5 months pregnant and was feeling really bad so we decided we should head back to Lafayette). I am so happy LSU won though (definitely a close one). The game was so much fun and I am so happy we got the chance to go!!
tickets to our first game!!!!

Lauren, Mike, and baby Addison!!

As soon as I saw someone else with one of these I died!!! Thankfully the hubs went and found the stand selling it!! Yummmyy

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  1. Looks like SO Much fun!! You and your man are super adorable together! :)

  2. you two are so cute decked out in your LSU gear. looks like you had a great time at the game and i can never turn down a lemonade


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