Monday, October 22, 2012

weekend wrap-up

The last 7 days have been absolutely crazy for me!!! Between jewelry parties, doctors appointments, girl time with a few of my friends, bridal showers, family time and of course hubby time, I have barely had a second to think with everything going on but it has been nice to be busy and not just sit at home and miss James.
Instead of giving a blow by blow of everything I have been up to I thought I would just tell you about two of my favorites.

Friday night I had a much needed girls night with my friend Lacey. She has three kids and not a lot of free time so it was so nice for the two of us to get away. We went to Zea for dinner and it was amazingly good. On top of the good food they had 1/2 margaritas!!!! We got there at around 8 pm and we ended up not leaving until after 11 pm!! Since they were on a wait we decided to grab a little table in the bar area and it was perfect (especially because we were like two little middle school girls giggling  and taking lots of pictures). After we left there we decided to go to the bar next door, Corner Bar. It is a chill little bar that doesn't have a lot of people and we could just relax and talk some more. We ended up playing pool with some people we met until 2am. Lets just say I was exhausted by the end of the night! I am a grand-maw, 11pm is late for me! I was so glad we had the opportunity to get together and just let loose. She is a stay at home mom to three kids, runs a money saving website and is a very busy lady. She is such a sweetheart and I had a blast!!

Saturday my long lost little sister came visit!!!! Back in my sorority days I got the best little sissy ever. She is super funny and creative. She only stayed here for one year and then sadly moved home (2 hours away). In the year she was here I grew to love her so much and she was one of the amazing ladies by my side the day I married my soulmate. So Saturday she drove up and spent the entire day with me. She also brought with her my new little (puppy) nephew, Murphy!!!! We spent most of our day talking and catching up on our lives. We got lunch at her fav laffy spot (Izzo's Illegal Burrito). The dogs had such a good time playing with Murphy and I was in doggy heaven. Murphy is the only beagle to have a place in my heart!!
How cute is he?!?!

Hope you had just as good of a weekend as I did but I am definitely look forward to a more relaxed weekend to come. I just have to get through this crazy week ahead!
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