Sunday, November 4, 2012

what i am thankful for {week1}

Ideally I would love to write a post everyday about what I am thankful for in November... but that is just not going to happen. I am knee deep in school work and until December 8th it is just not going to stop. With that beings said I decided to write a post once a week about what I am thankful for from that week. I have so many amazing things to be thankful for in my life but sometimes I get caught up in what is going wrong in my life instead of the good.

Okay so this week, I am thankful for my husband coming home. He was not supposed to be home this weekend and I was devastated. It has been a really long week for both of us and the thought of going two weeks without seeing each other was heartbreaking. Lucky for us, his boss changed his mind and sent the guys home (Thank you Baby Jesus). Once again the weekend has gone by way to fast but having him home is exactly what I needed.

I am also thankful for my grandmother this week. She is my best friend and is truly an amazing woman. This week we have had lunch three times. We always try to do lunch at least once a week but this week it happen to work out three times!! It was so nice to have her to talk about during this difficult week. She is just so awesome. LOVE HER SO MUCH!

Lastly I am thankful coffee and Halloween candy!! Another key to getting myself through this week and I don't think an explanation is needed to why I am thankful for it... they are both amazing---bottom line.
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