Wednesday, April 3, 2013

whoo will it be...

BABY GAUTREAUX IS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I was even pregnant I knew I could never wait until my baby was born to find out the sex. Once I found out I was pregnant that became even more true. I just wanted to be able to call my baby by its name and know what was growing inside of me. James and I decided that instead of the normal go to the ultra sound and find out then call everyone we wanted to do things a little different and a gender reveal party seemed like the perfect idea!

On the Wednesday before the party we went for our ultrasound and it was such an amazing experience. We had an ultra sound at 9 weeks but baby still just looked like a little bean and it was really quick. This time we went to the 3-D place and got to really see baby. It was truly amazing to see what has been growing inside of me. The baby was very stubborn and decided that even though I had drank a coke before hand it was nap time and was passed out facing my back the entire time! We could not wake it up and see the face! But otherwise it was perfect. She was able to determine the sex and we got to spend almost an hour there talking and looking at our little one.

On Saturday we had our party. We were surrounded by our family and closest friends as we found out what the sex of our baby was and it was so fun! We are so extremely excited for little man's arrival. Having a son is so exciting and scary at the same time for me! I have a lot more experience with girls and I am a girl myself but I am so ready for the challenge!!! I don't think I have ever seen James more excited than that day. Even though he won't admit it I know he wanted a boy. He wants a son to carry on the Gautreaux name, be his mini me, and someone to just do boy things with. He is going to be such an amazing dad to our son, I just know it!!!

Proud parents to be!

she is going to be the best nanny ever!!! 

 This set of pictures makes me laugh so much!!! 

OMG its really a boy!!!!

fellow boy mom giving me advice

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